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The RoadMap


The Roadmap is for those who need a divine cheerleader because you're at a point where you feel that your life has been shaken like a snow globe and you need to get your feet back on solid ground.

The Roadmap is a 3 month system designed to get you back on track
In numerology the number three resonates with the energies of optimism and joy, inspiration and creativity, imagination and intelligence, kindness and compassion. Three also relates to expansion and growth, heaven-human-and-earth, past-present-and-future, thought-word-and-action; self expression, and manifestation. 

The triangle has 3 sides and is considered the strongest shape because it has a strong base that gives immense support.
The Roadmap is here to help you get creative, begin to expand and grow, all while providing you a strong base of support and spiritual guidance from your divine team, channeled through me.

In the Roadmap, our first month is focused on Clarity.  
You have to know where you are in order to see where you are headed.  I will assist you in finding that clarity by kicking off our journey together with a 1-hour divination via zoom or phone call.  
Based on what we discover in your reading, I will create a personalized affirmation or meditation and a custom herbal product which you will use through the first month to help you cleanse any energies that are no longer serving you, and prepare you for the next phase in your journey.

In month two we focus on desire and blockages. 
As we start to hone in on what you really want, inevitably doubts, limiting beliefs and fears about whether or not you can have what you want tend to arise.  
In our monthly reading we will figure out exactly what’s blocking you from claiming 100% of exactly what you want.  I will create you a new custom herbal blend to help you clear blocks and fortify your desires. Your personalized monthly meditation/affirmation will be designed to help heal and remove those blocks so that in month three you are prepared to move into action.

In month three I will help you create your personalized Roadmap action plan.  
We will use your divinations to discover the most aligned strategy to help you move in the direction of your desires. I will make you a new herbal product to support you in taking new aligned actions, and your monthly meditation/affirmation will be designed to motivate you as you begin to create change in your life.

Equipped with a greater sense of clarity around who you are and what you want, the tools to continue to help remove any blockages in your path, and fortified with a firm base of spiritual support, you will leave The Roadmap with sure-footed confidence to navigate through life, no matter what it throws at you.

The Roadmap is a 3 month program.
Investment: $850 paid in full or  3 monthly payments of $289

  • 3 1-hour readings delivered monthly via phone or video

  • 3 custom herbal products (1 per month)

  • 3 personalized affirmation or meditations  (1 per month)

  • Your personalized Roadmap Action plan

  • BONUS: in between readings, I will check in with you every 2 weeks via text for additional support.

Unsure if this is right for you? Book a free 30 minute discovery call.

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