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What is The Atlas?


The Atlas is for those going through a period of transition, change, or who are currently embarking on something new. 
You’ve pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and have found yourself in new territory, or perhaps you’re stepping into a greater level of responsibility or visibility in your career. 

Anytime we are going through periods of change, we can be struck by moments of doubt if we are heading in the right direction.  
We may look behind us and wonder if we should go back the way we came, or keep moving forward.  We can find ourselves confused about  how to handle the new situations and challenges that we are encountering. This can make us want to turn right around and go home! But all of this is a normal part of growth. 

The Atlas is here to give you weekly support for 6 weeks to help you stay confident, self assured, and encouraged during this time of transition.

The Atlas package includes:

  • 3 readings: 
    1 hour tarot/bone divination via Zoom to begin our work together 
    1 emailed bone reading mid way through
    1 emailed tarot reading at the end

  • In between readings, we will check in via text for additional support and encouragement.

  • BONUS: I will create 1 custom herbal product (a bath, an oil, or an incense) based on the results of your first reading, that will provide additional spiritual support.

The Atlas is a 6 week process, for a one-time investment of $369.

Unsure if this is right for you? Book a free 30 minute discovery call.

What is The Atlas?: Services
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