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Osteomancy/Bone Divinations

  • 15 minutes
  • 99 US dollars
  • Emailed To You

Service Description

Bone Divinations/Osteomancy/Throwing the Bones - is an ancient form of divination practiced in various forms. In my traditon, ethically sourced bones are mixed in with other items–shells, stones, coins, feathers, etc.–and placed in a gourd. They are then shaken out onto my reading surface, and the images are read based on are interpreted based on the meanings of the pieces and where they land in relation to each other. When you purchase an emailed bone divnation, you can send up to 3 detailed questions: each question will receive its own throw (a picture will be provided), each question will be answered in detail, the items & their position will be described in relation to your question each question may receive homework if applicable in the form of next steps, affirmations or crystals (as Spirit advises) All Readings are delivered typed to your email address provided. Please allow 7 business days to receive from the date of purchase to receive. There are absolutely no refunds after purchase under any circumstances so please make sure to take your time when purchasing.

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