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This blend was specifically made to cleanse/clear out your divination tools! Spritz onto your tarot/oracle cards (then shuffle), bones, runes , pendulums -etc between readings to clear the energy from one reading to another.



Each blend has been divined on, prayed over and charged with a sigil created with all of the properties of the herbs and intentions of the blend. 

Clear The Deck

  • All products contain herbs, roots, olive oil, and essential oils. No artificial colors are used.

    All products sold on this website are "alleged" and sold as curios for entertainment purposes only.

    Please message me with ALLERGY CONCERNS BEFORE purchasing products from my store.

    When you purchase from The Divine Eye and The Divine Eye Online, you are supporting a BIPOC disabled woman run business. All divining and formulations are created with the guidance of my Spirits and Ancestors. All packaging, handling and shipping is done by me.