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About Me

I was born a healer and an oracle.  As a small child I would randomly run up and hug strangers, because they hurt and I could tell.

I thought everyone could see the things that I saw. Many years later a dear friend, (a pagan high priestess), explained that I have empathic and intuitive gifts. 
This friend became my first teacher.
She taught me about grounding, meditation, and energy. She led me through my first experiences of ritual. She was with me when I got my first Tarot deck.
Through her, I met my 2nd teacher (a high priest of Celtic Magick), who helped me to develop confidence in my divinations through the development of my gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance and mediumship. He also taught me about working with herbal magick, leading me to create my first incense blends, and becoming a guide in using cannabis in divination.

Since then I have studied under many gifted psychics and healers who helped me to apply my gifts in service of healing myself and others and over time push back against those who told me that I had to be a "certain way "and read cards a

' certain way "to be taken seriously as an Oracle but that isn't true at all. By honoring my nerdy, silly, dad-joke telling, compassionate, funny, emotional, movie-referencing, cursin' like a sailor, music-loving, singing song off-key self, I'm attracting those who need my particular flavor of healing.

You wont get any cookie cutter reader/healer vibes here. It doesn't matter if I don't "look like a healer," or speak the way someone expects an Oracle to speak.

My gifts come through my authentic personality, and that's exactly how you know what you're getting with me is genuine.


Oracle Nicole uses her innate gifts with all 6 psychic senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, and knowledge) to pull through guided messages from your ancestors, your guardians, your divine protectors, and all other members of your spiritual court who come through during your session.


Oracle Nicole Renee's divinations are specific, targeted, unique to you your spirits, and your situation, and highly descriptive. Providing tangible information regardless of whether the divination is general or attuned to a specific situation. 


Oracle Nicole Renee's divinations are further enhanced by her style which is bubbly, conversational, straightforward forward, and also humorous. Each experience e is unforgettable.


Oracle Nicole is the tall hippy lady with tattoos whose divinations will give you life

About Me: About Me
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