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Oracle Nicole Renee 

Oracle Nicole Renee uses her innate gifts with all 6 psychic senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, and knowledge) to pull through guided messages from your ancestors, your guardians, your divine protectors, and all other members of your spiritual court who come through during your session.


Oracle Nicole Renee's divinations are specific, targeted, unique to you your spirits, and your situation, and highly descriptive. Providing tangible information regardless of whether the divination is general or attuned to a specific situation. 


Oracle Nicole Renee's divinations are further enhanced by her style which is bubbly, conversational, straightforward forward, and also humorous.


Each experience is unforgettable.


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  • What to expect from me in an Emailed reading:

    • My process during a reading begins with meditation on your name, DOB and questions.

    • I will ask your guides/spirits and mine to guide us toward clarity and resolution of each question.

    • Once I feel connected, I will throw the bones or pull cards and voice record the interpretation of the layout, messages and instructions received from Spirit.  Once I’m done, I will take pictures of the layout of the cards/bones.  I  will take as long as is needed to fully answer your questions

    • This process will repeat for each question


I am dedicated to providing clear and compassionate communication to my clients

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Tarot Divination by Email


When you purchase an emailed tarot divination, you can send up to 3 detailed questions: each question will receive its own tarot spread (a picture will be provided) each question will be answered in detail, cards will be described and coralation to your question will be explained. each question may receive homework if applicable in the form of next steps, affirmations or crystals (as Spirit advises) All Readings are delivered typed to your email address provided. Please allow 5-7 business days to receive

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What Are My Clients Saying?

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I absolutely loved my reading with Nicole. I had never experienced a bone reading. I was fascinated! The things that came up were perfectly in alignment with my consciousness. The "homework" I was invited to do after the reading was so valuable for helping me shift in the ways I was seeking. My husband noticed in the week following that I was more in line with joy. I thought about the reading for several weeks after and can't wait for the next.

Heather Shoopman

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